Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do Ghosts Visit In Your Dreams?

Many people will have dreams of loved ones who have passed on, but what if some of these dreams were actually visitations from those loved ones? In fact, this does not seem to be an uncommon method of ghost visitation.
Possibly the spirits or ghosts have an easier time getting through to someone who is in a subconscious state, and this is how they choose to communicate.
There is a difference between those dreams of people who have passed on that are truly just dreams, and those that may actually be ghosts communicating with you. One of the main differences is in how you remember the dream,
A normal dream is often fragmented and makes little sense, but when you are actually receiving communication from the dead during your dream, it is very vivid and you will likely remember every detail.
For example, a step uncle committed suicide, and within weeks there is a vivid dream where he comes to the door and asks if his brother is home. In the dream you don’t really realize that he is not suppose to be there, you tell him that his brother is not at home at the moment, and the step uncle simply says “Tell him I was here” You shut the door and wake up. After waking you realize that the uncle is dead, and that you have just received a message to give to the uncle’s brother.
You can remember every detail, right down to the suit that the uncle was wearing, which just happens to be the same one he was buried in.
This could very possibly be a ghost dream visit.